Review: Hello, My Name Is Doris (2016)

“Would you ever consider dating a younger man?”

Directed by: Michael Showalter

Written by: Laura Terruso, Michael Showalter

Starring: Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Tyne Daly, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Stephen Root

It’s About: A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker.

What Drew Me to This Movie:

I read an article by The Guardian discussing movies that target older moviegoers. Among movies listed there, one steals my attention the most. Hello, My Name Is Doris has an intriguing premise and, as a bonus, interesting casting choices. So, yeah, that is basically it.

And Then:

It is easy for one to cringe at the premise offered by the movie, but hold all the judgments. In this indie drama-comedy, directed and co-written by Michael Showalter, we are introduced to Doris, the sixty-something woman who seemingly finds the missing piece to the puzzle of her life in John, the new guy at her office. Her life turns all bright and shiny (when in love, who doesn’t?). We get to see her desperately look for the attention and information of her younger crush in many ways – among them, Facebook proves to be the best (thanks to the 13-year-old granddaughter of her best pal Roz for the introduction). Roz, however, looks concerned and, instead, constantly reminds Doris to “just be careful.” The big question is why? Turns out that there is an old, deeper pain within Doris that is to be revealed in the later parts of the movie.

I believe it is not a simple task for any actress to play Doris, but Sally Field of Mrs. Doubtfire plays it to perfection. Her acting is pure and effective – she makes Doris a type of person that you love despite her quirkiness and still sympathize with despite her flaws. Sally Field’s strong performance is also supported by Tyne Daly as the trustworthy Roz and Stephen Root as Doris’ brother Todd.

As for Max Greenfield, who also shines in his portrayal of John, this is the second time for me to see his performance outside the New Girl universe (the first would be his blink-and-you-miss-it appearance on Gilmore Girls, here is the link). But rest assured, New Girl fans, you still get to catch a glimpse of Schmidt in a few scenes where Doris is fantasizing about John.

All in All:

Expecting this movie to make you laugh so hard for 95 minutes straight? Then do not even bother to watch. To me, Hello, My Name Is Doris is more like a moving drama (with a side of comedy and special appearance of Jack Antonoff of the band fun, too). Unless you are into it, then don’t.

More on This:


Here is a peek at Hello, My Name Is Doris, enjoy!

Photo and video courtesy of Roadside Attractions.


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